You need to know what to look for  when it comes to finding a good used car dealership in Boise, Idaho. Finding a good used car dealership is not as easy as finding a new car dealership.

Here we are going to summarize the factors that you need to consider when deciding which dealership to go to:

  1. Reputation: It’s easy to start a car dealership but it’s not easy to keep one over years through years. Many dealerships come and go so always consider how long a dealership has been in business.
  2. Number of vehicles in inventory: Don’t be fooled with #s. You might walk into a dealership and see 500 cars and think you will definitely find your dream car in there but this can be totally wrong. Try to navigate dealership’s inventory on their website first before heading there. Checkout this sample.
  3. Carfax Report: If a car has a clean history there is no reason for a dealership to not present the Carfax report.
  4. Online Reviews: Although the current online review system is messed up and there are so many fake reviews out there but at the same time there are lots of real reviews out there too. So take the time to review dealership’s reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, … .

After all it’s usually better to work with a family owned business which is also being operated by the family. Here at Hawkes Motors we are dedicated to provide honest, first-class service to our customers in the beautiful Boise, Idaho. Contact us today for free over-phone consultation.